Visa free Grodno

Visa-free entry - for up to 10 days is extended to the tourist-recreational zone
"Grodno" and the Augustow Canal

Checkpoints from Poland:

• Automobile checkpoint Bruzgi / Kuznitsa Bialystokskaya
• Railway checkpoint at the station Grodno
• From 01.05 till 30.10, through the Lesnaya / Rudavka water pass

Checkpoints from Lithuania:

• Car checkpoint Privalka / Raigardas
• From 01.05 till 30.10 through the water point of the Privalka / Svendubre pass

The procedure for obtaining a permit for visa-free entry:

1. Contact us by e-mail:, tel. +375 33 9010202, +375 33 644 44 25 (Viber, WhatsApp)
2. Fill out the application for VISAFREE.

Application form

Draw up documents to visit (one of the options is selected)*

Fill in the list all foreign citizens who come to the territory of tourist and recreation park "Avgustov Canal", Grodno and surrounding places

- Your application will be processed by our manager, and the cost will be calculated
- You will be sent a reply where will be written the value of the reserved services for your approval.
- After agreement of the list and the value of the reserved services, you need to send an e-mail with the exact data of all visitors (name, passport series, passport number, nationality, sex, date of birth). To avoid errors, it is advisable to send an e-mail copy of the passport page with this data.
- After agreement of reserved services, you will be sent the invoice for payment.

The application is submitted no later than 48 hours before the planned date of entry into the VISAFREE zone, taking into account the weekends and holidays.
3. An invoice will be sent to your e-mail to pay for the VISAFREE authorization service, which must be paid. Payment is possible in Belarusian rubles, euros, Polish zlotys.
4. After receiving the payment within 1 — 2 business days, application for visa-free entry will be sent to the e-mail specified during the application. This document must be printed and kept with you throughout your stay in the Republic of Belarus.
5. Immediately after arriving in the Republic of Belarus, contact us (tel., E-mail) and confirm your stay in the VISAFREE zone.

• In the event that any information presented earlier in the application for VISAFREE and reflected in the document for entry into the VISAFREE zone is changed, it is worth immediately contacting us. In the event that there are changes in the application less than 48 hours prior to entry into the VISAFREE system, the agency is not responsible for refusing entry to the foreign citizen by the border and customs authorities of the Republic of Belarus.
• The day of arrival and the day of departure are included in the days of stay.

A foreign citizen traveling on the VISAFREE system, at the entrance to the Republic of Belarus and departure from the Republic of Belarus, at the border will be obliged:

• present a valid document for traveling abroad (passport);
• present at the border application for visa-free entry to Belarus;
• present medical insurance (for the whole stay in the Republic of Belarus);
• have cash at least 21 euros or 50 Belarusian rubles for each day of stay in the Republic of Belarus
• Obtain and fill out a migration card form;
• When leaving the Republic of Belarus, a foreigner, except temporarily or permanently residing in the Republic of Belarus, unless otherwise specified by legislative acts and international treaties of the Republic of Belarus, is obliged to hand over part of «B» of the migration card while passing border control at the checkpoint through the State Border of the Republic of Belarus.


Fill in the declaration and give it to customs agent IF YOU ARE IMPORTING:

*Full information about customs regulations can be found on the information stands

The admission of foreigners staying in the Republic of Belarus

Upon entering Belarus foreigners are required to have funds in the amount equivalent to at least 2 base units set in the Republic of Belarus per each day of stay. A foreigner arrived in the Republic of Belarus is to register with registrar by the actual place of residence within 5 days (except Sundays and public holidays).

Registration authorities in Belarus: Department of Foreign Affairs; Department of Internal affairs; Hotel; Resorts and recreation establishments; Body of rural tourism.
Violation of these requirements by citizens provided for administrative liability under the Law 23.55, paragraph 1 of the Administrative Code (warning or a fine of up to 50 base units or deportation).

At the checkpoints citizens are prohibited from:

• Taking photo and video;
• Making calls on mobile communications;
• Leaving money in the documents presented for checking;
• Committing actions aimed at inciting employees of state control bodies to a breach of the established procedure for the implementation of border and other controls, including the offer and (or) transfer to them any material value. Offering and (or) providing the benefits of property nature is also prohibited;

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